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If you decided to find a product in Iran markets or want to have a business meeting directly with Iranian suppliers, you can use our Customized Business Tour service.
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Business Trip to Iran
Day after day, economic news about Iran hit the headlines of the international press. It appears that no organization, company with international ambitions would afford not to be in the Middle East. However, the Iranian market is the most challenging for foreigners: fierce competition, a difficult acquisition process, and legal uncertainties are just a few examples.
In recent years, a record number of business people from abroad traveled to Iran to looking for business opportunities, visiting suppliers, business partners, clients, interaction in Iran with factory owners and other high-level personnel, etc. Undoubtedly, an actual visit to the country can help one to quickly ramp up relevant country knowledge and to even initiate a profitable business relationship with an Iranian partner. However, if one does not prepare for the trip carefully, a first-time visit can easily be turned into an unproductive and wasteful exercise.
As one of our specialized services, we help to have useful methods to communicate effectively with your Iranian business counterparts. We have learnt about effective ways to minimize or avoid waste in time and money on your business trip to Iran.
eMasterTrade combined a business trip in a simpler way: Interpreter Service AND car rental services:
Interpreter Service
Iran's official language is Persian, you should be prepared for the possibility in Iranian business life that the person you are speaking to does not have a complete command of the English language. Beware your Iranian counterparts with good command of writing English≠ Good command of spoken English. Having the ability to communicate effectively through an excellent interpreter is critical.
Rely on an unprofessional or simply an unskilled interpreter can be a nightmare to your business trip in Iran and in fact, this could completely mess up even the most carefully planned business trip. 
Doesn't like most interpreters in Iran, our interpreters are with business backgrounds, organizational abilities, professionalism in manner and dress, reliability, and loyal discretion to help our clients in Iran.
The service will assist you in a variety of business activities to your Iran business trip's needs such as:
  • Translation between different languages
  • Documentation, Contracts Review, Correspondences, Appointments Arrangement
  • Business Negotiation, Coordination, Follow Up and Execution
  • Travel and Lodging Assistance
  • Health Care
  • Visa Extension in Iran
  • Arrange a meeting with eMasterTrade's consultant for the feasibility of setting up a business in Iran
Car Rental Services
If necessary, our professional drivers will be standby for the whole business trip in Iran. Our car rental service including:
  • Arrival & Airport Transfer (Imam Khomeini Airport & Isfahan Airport)
  • Review travel itinerary and determining adverse road conditions
  • Car rental service within Isfahan City
  • Long distance trip to neighboring cities and industrial parks
  • Pick up your partners, clients, friends in Iran
  • After Five: Social networking after work? Our driver will be standby until late
Hotels and Flights
eMasterTrade provides this service during a business trip as we know you could find it difficult to find service provider & book it online. Thus our team will help you with accommodation and flights.
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