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Iran is the world’s third biggest manufacturer of decorative and construction stones after China and India, but ranks as the 12th global exporter said the vice chairman of Iran Stone Association, Malek Rahmati. It is a new opportunity to get the best and cheapest price from Iran market due to Iran exchange rate gap.

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Imagine that you have a good contact of yours or even a member of your family living in Iran. And you inform this person you would be coming to Iran and you ask to show the city. Now add to this person a huge database of knowledge on stone business in Iran, a wide network of stone manufacturer contacts in various industries and a good understanding of business processes in the local market. This is what our corporate travel or business tours to Iran look like: very welcoming and very knowledgeable.
Who is our client?
This type of business travel was thought for those traders who have no knowledge of processes of trade in Iran, do not know how to best structure operational processes and require an introduction to Iran business system in general. Business travel to Iran aims at demonstrating business opportunities in Iran. It is a great opportunity to visit the local stone market, meet successful entrepreneurs and receive first-hand knowledge.
What is the program?
Now you no longer need to puzzle your head over what you need to ask, to read and to study. You can choose one of the itineraries we have to offer and we will share what you need to know. Enjoy your business travel to Iran with us.
We offer our clients 1, 3 and 7-day business tours to Iran. Each day has a set schedule which will keep you busy from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening. Since you are our guest, you are free to choose the number of days for your corporate travel, adjust the schedule and determine the longevity of your business tour.
As we said, our clients are long-awaited guests and there are never many long-awaited guests in life. Exactly because of that business tours are arranged for clients in groups of 1,2 and 3-4. Just imagine: you can fly to Iran just for a weekend and do not miss any important meeting back at home. In the meantime, while others waste their precious time, you will obtain valuable knowledge, information, and experience on business opportunities in Iran and Isfahan. And we won’t definitely let you go without a lot of useful printed materials.
Tour Information:
Total Price:  
Total Days: 4D - 3n
Visiting the most popular stone manufacturer in Iran /Isfahan and having fruitful B2B meeting in Iran. Know more details about your favorite useful business tour packages here.
Day wise itinerary:
Day1- On arrival, you will be picked up by our well trained professional experienced representative from the airport. You will be heading to start your trip to Iran booked the useful Iran tour packages.
You will be transported to the respective hotel through the a/c vehicle that has been allotted privately for you. Once you fresh up you will be taken for local sightseeing while your driver will be your local tour guide.
After your sightseeing, your driver will drop you at the inn. Enjoy your evening with the exquisite cuisine of local traditional food.
Day 2- Today you will be taken to first B2B meeting, where you will be taken to meeting saloon and our team will be your translator here during business negotiations, etc. In this session, you will be aware of Iran stone industry overview. here you will select some parties to visit their factory for the next day.
In the evening of the first day, you can visit the first stone plant and increase your knowledge of Iranian factory technology.  
Day3- Today you will continue B2B negotiation and industrial surfing, site visit will be handled from morning to evening.
Day4- Today our final B2B sessions and site visit will be held and you can conclude and make your final decision to start the trade process.
As your trip completes today you will be checking out today and the driver will drop you at the airport.
As our guest, we will try to serve you at our best and here we give you a warm send-off with a lot of memories held during the trip.
After check out the driver will leave you at the airport.
We provide best quality hotels that fit your comfort and budget too. Take a look at the hotels you are given.


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