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RFQ Source

You can submit your request for quotation (RfQ) to invite suppliers into a bidding process to bid on your specific products or services.

B2B Advertise

Online B2B marketing is a great way to reach out to potential clients or suppliers across the whole globe. Here we connect businesses simply.

MICE Services

You can show up your services and products here in Iran by our business travel services, exhibition facilities and event and ceremonies organizer services.

Our products

Building and construction
Fruits, Nuts and Spices
Electric Home Appliance
Food and Beverage
NON-Eelectric Home Appliance

We Build Powerful Solutions

Best & most popular of our works

Years of experience, extensive and reliable network of partners around the world help to solve any job and provide companies efficient and comfortable participating in exhibitions, conferences, and meetings. Our skillful staff and our local knowledge make EportecTech’s partners receive high service level and our problem-solving way of working. We aim to exceed our client’s expectation by providing outstanding customer service and quality performance in all that we do. Our plan for the future includes providing more value-added services to our fast growing number of customers and boosting export and import business. Our business tours including:
Visa issuance
Air ticket booking
Booking of hotels
CIP services
Organizing B2B meeting services
Unique, creative & tailor made incentive programs
Consulting on participation in exhibitions
Visiting Industrial Zone of Iran like Isfahan, Tehran and Mashhad
Market research and information support
Logistics, transfers and car rent

Our Services

Compare Quotes

They can get quotes from multiple suppliers in one place and compare them with each other

Select Top Rated Product

You can find products which have high potential to import

Book Business Tour

In this service, several types of business tours with concentration on different industries can be selected.

Contact Suppliers

Buyers can connect with top of suppliers.

Advertise your product in B2B websites

Advertising team of Exportech introduce your products and services in top B2B websites.

Submit RFQ

In this service, buyers can simply tell suppliers what they need.


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